Saath Nibhaana Saathiya is a Hindi-language Indian television drama series, produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited. The show premiered on 3 May 2010, and is broadcast worldwide on Star Plus channel at 7:00PM . The series revolves around the fictitious Modi family, who live in a mansion in Rajkot. The show explores morals and family values of a typical Gujarati joint family. The storyline took a leap of eight years in February 2014, a further leap of ten years in March 2015, and a final leap of four years in May 2016. The series ended on 23 July focuses on the life and arranged marriages of two female cousins Gopi  and Rashi and their contrasting personalities. 

Saath Nibhana saathiya Instrumental Version

Dramatic Background  Tune  1

Dramatic Background Tune 2

Dramatic Background tune 3

Dramatic Background Tune 4

Dramatic Background Tune 5

Dramatic Background Tune 6

Dramatic Background tune 7

Background Mantra Tune

Gaura Background Music

Gaura Entry Background Music

Gopi revenge Background Song Short

Gopi Revenge Background Song full

Dhim Tanana Background Tune

Dhin Taana De De background tune

Dhin Tana Dhin Flute background tune

Dhoom dhoom Ta Na Na background Tune

Dhoom Dhoom Tana Na Background Tune

Dhoom Ta Dhoom Tana Background Tune

Dil Mein Mere O Kanha Background  Song

Dil Mein Mere O Kanha Background Song Extended Version

Family background Music

Hey Gopal Krishna karu Aarti Teri Song

Kokila Entry  Instrumental Background Music

Kokila Dramatic Background  music

Saath Nibhaana saathiya Title Dhol Humming Background Music

Yada Yada He Dharmasya Background Mantra Tune

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