Mahabharat is an Indian Hindi-language historical television drama series on STAR Plus based on the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata. It is a remake of the 1988 TV series of the same name. It ran from 16 September 2013 to 16 August 2014 on STAR Plus.

Abhimanyu Theme Music

Agni hai viyog ki

arjun playing veena

Arjun subhadra bg tune

Bharath Mahabharat Dharm Katha

Bhishma mourns (mahabharat theme)

Bhishma bg song

Chod na saath apno ka

Daataaon ka Daata

Devrath Bg Tune

Devrath Intro song

Dhaal thi Talwaar thi Abhimanyu (death song)

Dharmecha shlok

Draupadi Sringar Bg Tune

Draupadi Angry Tune

Draupadi Bachpan Song

Draupadi Birth Song

Draupadi sad tune

Draupadi tune Mai Draupadi jisne

Duryodhana Tune

Ganga Shlok

Ho Ho HOho tune

Indra theme

Jagat mai samay bahut balwan

Karna leaving the house bg tune

Karna meets kunti bg music

Karna sad tune

Krishna Become Prathasaarthi music

Krishna Manmohana music

Krishna on the kurkshetra tune

krishna theme song

krishna theme song 2

Kumari Chaapi Panchali fast version

Kumari Chapi Panchali

Kunti prays to Indra bg music

Lord Krishna Intro Song

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