Kayamath is an Indian soap opera that aired on STAR Plus. The show started airing on 19 February 2007 and ended on 12 March 2009.This show gained much popularity. It has been top 10 show of Star Plus of all time. the story revolve around prachi and neev and later between milind and prachi.

Kayamath Title Track Song

Kayamath Title Humming Background Score (ni sa re ni ni sa sa sa)

Kayamath Title Track Sad Version

Kayamath Title Track Sad Versions

Kayamath Prachi Maa Background Music

Kayamath Koi Doo Kadam Chalte He Ruk Jaate Hain Happy Version Of Kayamath

Kayamath Swati Background Music

Kayamath Zindagi Ka Her Lamha Tere Saath Ho Happy Version Of Kayamath

Kayamath Sam Daam Dhand Bhed Instrumental

Kayamath Prachi Silent Background Music 1

Kayamath Neev Prachi Silent Music

Kayamath Title Instrumental Slow Version

Kayamath Bandhan Nahi Hai Yeh Rishta Dilo Se Bna Silent Version Of kayamath

Kayamath Prachi happy Background Music

Kayamath Sukriti Sad Background Music

Kayamath Chaha Humne Tujhe Background Humming Happy Version Tune

Kayamath Silent Title Versions Song

Kayamath Aankhon Mein Ek Pyara Sapna Slow Version

Kayamath Neev Happy Background Music

Kayamath Dil Hai Phir bhi Silent Version Of  Chaha Humne Tujhe

Kayamath Mudke Na Dekho Kuch Bhi Silent Version Of Chaha Humne Tujhe

Kayamath EK Naye Rishton Ke Khatir silent Version Of Chaha Humne Tujhe

Kayamath Chaha Humne Tujhe Fast Version

Kayamath Ek Ki Thokar Ek Ki Nafrat Silent Version Of Chaha humne Tujhe

Kayamath Aapne Haatho Sej Sajau SIlent Version Of Chaha Humne Tujhe

Kayamath Mane Nibhai Pyaar Ki rasmein Silent Version Of Chaha Humne Tujhe

Kayamath Jai Shankar Jai shankar Backround Song

Kayamath Title fast Instrumental Version

Kayamath Main Jaha Rahu Teri Yaad Female Version

Kayamath Dil Rota Hain Silent Version of Kayamath

Kayamath Title Humming Version Of Chaha Humne Tujhe

Kayamath Milind Sad background Music

Kayamath Neev Prachi Happy background Music

Kayamth Chaha Humne Tujhe Slow Version

Kayamath Aeysha Background Music

Kayamath Aeysha silent Background Music

Kayamath Prachi Silent Extended Version Background Music

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