Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii (English: The Story of Each Home) is a Hindi-language soap opera on Indian television which ran on Star plus  from 16 October 2000. The soap opera was created by Ekta kapoor and was produced by her production company Balaji telefilms.



kahaani ghar ghar ki title full song

kahaani ghar ghar ki instrumental song

kahaani ghar ghar ki (tere dil ka mere dil se sad song)

opening theme of kahaani ghar ghar ki

janki devi revenge bg music mantra

jai durge maa namo namo instrumental

villian bg music

janki devi entry music om jayanti mangal kali

aditya mehra bg tune

ajainka happy music

ajay bg music

ambika villian bg music

ambikaa villian 2 bg music

aye mere humsafar sad song

aye mere humsafar happy song

chali koyal bidaai song

chali koyal 2 bidaai song

garima happy music

janki bg music

janki 2 bg music

janki devi revenge bg music

kahaani ghar ghar ki  bg mantra

kggk instrumental bg tune

kggk janki devi revenge extended bg tune

kggk parvati entry as janki bg music

bet tune between janki devi and trishna

kggk family music

kggk slow version

kggk instrumental song

kggk sad tune

kahaani ghar ghar ki instumental hatke song

kahaani ghar ghar ki sad theme hatke

kggk theme yada yada he dharmasya

kggk title song from hum tv channel

parvati sad  bg tune

kggk common dhol music

kggk diye dharm shudh dhari

kggk tune sad

kggk complete silent version

kggk praan jaye per vachan na jaee

aye mere humsafar silent version

jaane yeh kya hogaya hai (happy version of kggk)

kggk monalika bg tune

kggk pallavi entry bg music

kggk pallavi bg tune

kggk paravti bg music

saare niyam tum he palo (happy version of kahaani ghar ghar ki)

kggk happy music

kggk yada yada he dharmasya

kggk instrumental tune

kggk sad music 2

kya pyaar ka yeh sila hai (sad version of kggk)

maithali  happy bg music

pragati(unnati) happy music

yeh jeevan hai (very sad song)

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  1. kahani ghar ghar ki sireal
    Paravti entry agharwal house
    Rishbh & Rishika party since bgm tune upload kijiye
    Episode 1502 me se ye tune miljayengi

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